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  Committees at AIM Free Clinic

All the available Committees at AIM Free Clinic

Committees are made up of volunteer or paid members of the community. Each committee is tasked with certain responsibilities that all the committee members abide by.

Here are all the available Committees at AIM Free Clinic,

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    Technology Group

    2 member(s)

    • Takes care of anything related to technology

    • Advice on leveraging technology to provide better care

    • Takes care of managing the website and mobile apps

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    Medical Advisory Group

    1 member(s)

    • Clarify questions from the medical providers

    • Advice medical providers on certain aspects of care

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    Practice Managers

    3 member(s)

    • Setup clinic days

    • Schedules appointments

    • Handles patient influx

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    Medical Directors

    2 member(s)

    • Making sure the clinic is running with high standards

    • Making sure the clinic operations are in compliance with the regulations

    • Making sure the patients are getting the correct treatment that are offered

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    Executive Directors

    2 member(s)

    Executive Directors are responsible for,

    • Making sure our services are in compliance with the broader vision

    • Making sure the services are really benefitting those in need